Guymon Family Reunion 2010

Guymon Family Reunion 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011

Recipe Of The Week: Play Doh

So for my new recipe this week I thought I would try making Play Doh, and mom if your reading this,you can stop laughing now.  Okay, so after all the months of endless holiday cooking and baking I really needed to try something low key and also I really needed something to entertain Cash today since he didn't have preschool.  So we tackled Play Doh, it is my lovely Aunt Eileen's recipe and is on page 391 of the family cookbook and it is an awesome recipe.  My kids helped make it and they had so much fun, it turned out great and was super easy but, you know with me cooking there had to be at least one minor recipe malfunction, because that's just how recipes seem to roll at my house.

For starters I have two kids who refuse to share anything. One boy who refuses to touch anything pink, and a girl who refuses to touch anything blue. So I knew we would never be able to reach a compromise on the color of the dough.  So I thought I would just make two batches and then realized I didn't have two cups of salt.  So now what, okay I would make one batch and then divide it, and then color it. This way I could have one blue and one pink and everybody would be happy!  I think this was a very important direction to follow: Add the color to the water, which now I must add could be a really critical step if you don't want your hands to turn the color of the dough your mixing.  We ended up with both batches turning out great and even though my hands look like pink and blue Easter eggs, nobody cried and it worked so that's what I call a success!
Making pay doh gingy men

Cash making an army of gingy men

Say cheese!

Showing little sister how it's done, what a helper!

Cissy making giant and hearts and now giant gingy men

We love our play doh!

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